Forging strong partnerships
with exceptional leaders in
key growth sectors.

Who we are

Cane Investment Partners is a private investment firm dedicated to investing in people, ideas and opportunities. In addition to providing capital funding, we commit the organizational strength of our combined experiences, financial acumen and operational expertise to fuel the success of the companies we partner with. Our approach stems from our entrepreneurial roots and a belief that companies and the people who run them are best served when capital funding is paired with strategic insight and vested counsel. At Cane, we look for passionate, motivated leaders who have a track record to build upon, a business with promise and a desire to take the company to a new level. We invest expansion capital in a broad range of sectors, including energy, healthcare, specialty finance, real estate, and service sector companies. We employ a fundamental, disciplined approach that is driven by a hands-on, in-depth investment process. Our strategy is to diversify into mid- and long-term investments, focusing on companies that will benefit from greater technological and financial sophistication.

Our approach

When it comes to creating value for our clients, joint venture partners, and sponsors, we believe that today’s economic climate demands an experienced fiduciary partner who possesses not only investment knowledge and operational expertise but well-honed insights and exceptional instincts as well. This deeply held philosophy served as the basis of our founders’ earlier successes—and has guided Cane Investment Partners since our founding.

We focus on many different areas where we see value, including healthcare, specialty finance, energy, real estate, and service sector companies. We bring a broad base of experience and know-how to bear in this effort, both on the quantitative and qualitative sides of the equation. We rigorously analyze a company—the upside and the downside—from every angle with the goal of building a stronger, more robust and valuable company over the long term.

Where we believe we stand apart, however, is on the qualitative side. It takes a special team—and a special kind of experience—to identify new talent, to assess the acumen of a management team, to recognize whether a company has the vision and motivation to transition to the next phase of growth. Cane Investment Partners is that team.

Our portfolio